Versatile Express


The ARM versatile express support in QEMU can be used to test the Linux kernel built with LLVM.


  • Installed ARM cross compiler in $PATH (/opt/arm-2011.03 assumed)

Using the LLVMLinux project

If you have not already done so, clone the LLVMLinux project:

git clone

Now make the versatile express target

cd llvmlinux/targets/vexpress

The Makefile will build all the prerequisites (Clang, Qemu), download the kernel, apply the patch for LLVM compatibility, copy a tested config file and build the kernel.

To use a prebuilt version of QEMU, just modify INSTALLDIR in llvmlinux/targets/Makefile.

To use a prebuilt version of Clang, modify llvmlinux/config/

The versatile board needs no board specific patches. The common patches in llvmlinux/common and llvmlinux/common/arm need to be applied. The config file for the versatile express is in llvmlinux/targets/vexpress.

Testing the built kernel

To test the newly built kernel:

cd llvmlinux/targets/vexpress
make test # boot GNU initramfs in QEMU
make test2 # boot toybox based initramfs in QEMU
make test3 # boot Linaro SD card image in QEMU

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