GSoC work scope

The LLVMLinux Project has multiple areas to work on available:

- LLVM/Clang

-- Work on compiler issues (macros, integrated-as, ...)
-- Work on static analysis (checker)

- Linux Kernel

-- Compiler-related issues (VLAIS, drivers, 
   tracing, debugging, ...)

- Build Infrastructure

-- Reports/Statistics for buildbot (which warnings? how often?)

Project Proposals

Here are a few detailed proposals:

1) Infrastructure:
   New setup of buildbot (or even jenkins) with decent reporting 
   features and more architecture support. 
   This includes extending the CI infrastructure to deliver reports
   on what compiler warnings/errors, build warnings/errors happened. 
   More architectures will extend coverage.
2) LLVM - static analysis
   Extend checker (llvm static analysis tool) running on the Linux kernel
   by reducing false positives and creating new checks specific 
   to the kernel.
   Advanced task. Needs changes in checker/llvm/clang and the kernel.
3) Kernel
   Fix all issues to run a build with allyesconfig, support tracing and
   a validation testsuite. Upstream the patches.
4) Search and patch all occurencies of VLAIS in the kernel. Upstream the


More topics are being discussed on #llvmlinux @OFTC .

Contact dl9pf (a t) .

Project Hosting

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