Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Licence of LLVMLinux?

The LLVMLinux project contains at least 3 distinct kinds of code in the repository:

  1. Patches for the kernel, which are licensed GPL2 in order to be integrated into the Linux Kernel)
  2. Patches for LLVM and/or Clang, which are licensed with the LLVM project License
  3. The actual build scripts and tools which automate the llvm-setup code for the LLVMLinux project are under the MIT License

Does LLVMLinux project keep a snapshot of LLVM/clang or Linux Kernel in its own repository?

The LLVMLinux project does not host copies of the LLVM, Clang, nor the Linux Kernel code. The idea is to not diverge from the HEAD of the LLVM/Clang repos, nor mainline of the Linux kernel repo.

The goal is to upstream patches to LLVM/Clang and to the Linux kernel which means all patches need to be continually rebased to the HEAD of each repo. Changes to each code base are maintained as a series of patches which are automatically applied on top of each of the respective repos by automated scripts run by the build system.

Amongst other things there are currently a number of python scripts which automatically remove hunks from patches which have already been applied upstream to minimize breakage during the Continuous Integration builds performed by buildbot.

The project build bot rebuilds each of LLVM, Clang, the Linux kernel and llvm-setup everytime anyone makes a commit in the respective code repository. The hope is to catch any breakages in patches as soon as possible.

More builds, configurations and test cases will be added to buildbot as they are ready and made available.

Submit your patches, test cases and build requests to the mailing list.

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